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Liberty Orthopaedics
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Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park, Pa, Liberty Orthopedics

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Liberty Orthopaedics

This Orthopaedic Division, is located at the corner of Taylor Hospital's Jones Building, in Ridley Park, Pa. Dr. Jeffrey Malumed joined Premier in 2001 as the President of Premier Orthopaedics.

As the practice grew, they soon added a new dimension at that time, by bringing on board, Dr. Greg Tadduni, an accomplished Hand Surgeon. Their collective patient care and excellent reputation soon created the need to bring another Orthopaedic Surgeon into the Practice, and they did so, with the addition of Dr. Armando Mendez, who had recently completed an Orthopaedic Spine Fellowship.

A short time later, the group was further complemented with the addition of Dr. Joseph Stellabotte, who professionally grew from a Licensed Physical Therapist, to Physician level as an Internist, who then completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship. He brings a unique level of non-surgical orthopaedic care to the group, in combination with his Physical Therapy training.

In 2005, the Liberty Division reached its current expansion level, with the creation of a new suite and The Liberty Hand Center, under the direction of Dr. Greg Tadduni, as Medical Director.

The Liberty Division is further blessed with many, many long-time employees, who have been serving as clinical and administrative members of this practice since the inception. We pride ourselves on the ability and consistent efforts to bring quality patient care and interactions to our patients, all the way through the continuum of care, from that first phone call, to the final "Everything's O.K." visit.

As we move into the new dimensions associated with the Internet and Web based communication and interaction, we assure all, that we will strive not to lose any of the personal side of this practice, that has enabled us to serve you well for these many years.

Dr. Jeffrey Malumed

Dr. Dean TrevlynDr. Armando A. Mendez

Dr. Joseph M. StellabotteDr. Joseph M. Stellabotte

Dr. Gregory TadduniDr. Gregory Tadduni

Dr. Richard ZamarinDr. Richard Zamarin

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