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Finding the Right Orthopaedic Doctor

Our bones take a lot of wear and tear over time and the need for a good orthopaedic doctor is necessary in nearly everyone’s life at some point.  Seeing that this is a specialty, it can be confusing to know how to go about finding the right doctor for you and your situation.  Let’s try to make this less stressful.

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How to Deal with Back Pain

According to the

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

(AAOS), everyone in the world will at some time in their life suffer from some type of back pain. The pain affects each person in different ways. It may come on suddenly and be so debilitating, the person cannot even function. In others, the pain is chronic and miserable, but the person can carefully make it through their daily routine.

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Shoulder Injuries and Baseball

Baseball is a game that includes a lot of throwing and pitching motions. This is why shoulder injuries are common among baseball players. In order to improve the “throwing arm”, players need to practice consistently. The key aspects that need to be developed are flexibility, muscular strength, coordination, synchronicity of muscular firing, and neuromuscular efficiency. However, these will expose the shoulder muscles, bones and joints to excessive amounts of friction and stress. Insufficient conditioning such as stretching and strength training can also increase chances of shoulder injuries.

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Running Injuries that Require Physical Therapy

Running is an effective way to stay physically fit. It strengthens bones and knees, lowers risks of cancer and stroke, thwarts depression, improves lung function, burns calories and builds muscles. These benefits should be considered sufficient to include running in one’s daily routine. But before deciding to become an avid runner, it is essential to be informed that running can lead to certain injuries and most of these require

physical therapy


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Hip Injury Prevention in the Elderly

According to the

National Institute of Health

(NIH), of people in the U.S. over the age of 50, approximately 10 million of them have osteoporosis of the hip. Nearly 34 million others have osteopenia of the hip, which puts them at risk for osteoporosis. By 2020, the NIH expects that half of all people over the age of 50 will have osteoporosis of the hip and more will be at risk for developing the disease in other bones.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask on Your First Orthopaedic Visit

Your first visit to the orthopaedic doctor may happen any time of your life- a mishap in the playground can send your little one to an orthopaedic doctor, or perhaps old age forces a hip or knee replacement. Most commonly, general decline or bone health sends people in their middle ages to see an orthopaedic doctor. Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and such conditions are rampant due to erratic lifestyle and diet. If it is your first visit be sure to ask these questions.

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Signs of a Concussion

What Is A Concussion? A concussion is a medical condition that occurs when the brain becomes injured, often resulting from a blow to the head. The cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds our brain normally acts as a cushion to protect it against injury, but severe trauma can disperse this fluid, causing the brain to make contact with the skull.

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Top 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

While participating in sports on a regular basis is good for your heart and can help you to maintain a fit waistline throughout the years, most sports activities come with a serious chance of having to deal with injuries at one time or another. Whether due to running, playing basketball, or jumping rope, here are five of the most common sports accidents that you need to be aware of as a sports enthusiast:

#1 Sprains and Strains

The most common types of injuries among athletes and sports enthusiasts are strains and sprains.

In fact, just about any type of physical activity can result in these injuries (even walking!) if care is not taken before, during, and after being active. Because these injuries are so common, it is a good idea for those with weak ankles, knees, or wrists to wear braces while playing sports.

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Combating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the Office

Sitting down for around eight hours per day, five days a week isn’t that good for us, and yet that’s what the average office worker does.  Factor in the fact that the vast majority of that time is spent working on a computer, and the risk of musculoskeletal problems increases, especially as “how to sit down safely” isn’t helped by the average work station.  Ideally, Mr. or Ms. Average Office Worker would then go home and do something completely unrelated, but there’s a good chance they’ll sit down at a computer or games console at home, still carrying out repetitive hand movements, and probably at a considerably less ergonomically designed desk than their workspace.

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Top 5 Steps to Free Joint Pain

Joint pain is among the top concerns within the health community, and for good reason. Half of Americans over the age of 65 suffer with joint pain and symptoms of arthritis. This is over 70 million people, which is more than the entire population of the United Kingdom. Taking preventative action to remedy any pain within the joints and bones is critical: even making choices today if you are suffering will alleviate your symptoms dramatically. Medications do not heal and resolve the issue, and physical therapy becomes a reliance. Did you know that certain foods contain vitamins and minerals that actively promote healthy joints and bones? It really is as easy as spotting the right choices to make when shopping at the grocery store or dining out for a meal with family and friends.

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