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Recent Advances in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is always utilizing new techniques, exercises and methods to treat patients’ injuries and help them regain range of motion. It’s crucial for physical therapists and surgeons to work together, think creatively, and take advantage of breakthrough technology to determine the best therapeutic modalities for patient treatment.

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What are the Options for Non-Surgical Sports Injury Treatment?

If you’ve been putting off treatment for a sports injury because you fear having to undergo surgery, you may not have to worry any longer. Many sports injuries can be treated through various methods that don’t include surgical procedures. In fact, in many cases, a non-surgical approach is often the best course of action.

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How to Select the Right Sports Medicine Doctor

If you’ve experienced a sports injury, you’ll want to seek evaluation and treatment from a trusted sports medicine physician equipped to handle such an injury. But before you settle on any physician, it’s crucial to explore your options and make sure he or she is reputable and will be able to meet your needs as a patient.

By following these helpful tips, you’ll find a great sports medicine physician who’s right for you. 

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Ways Football Players Can Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Football players are susceptible to shoulder injuries due to the physicality of the sport. Whether the shoulder is absorbing impact from contact or the ground, it’s easy for the delicate joint to become damaged.

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Common Shoulder Injuries in Football

Football leads all other sports in the number of injuries that occur during play. The rough nature of the sport and high-speed contact make injuries common. Whether athletes are tackled or run into each other, their bodies absorb the impact, which can cause serious injury.

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A Women’s Guide to Shoulder Surgery


shoulder injury

is often associated with a blow to that area or with a fall with an outstretched arm. While many such injuries, depending on severity, are treated first with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications, sometimes surgery is needed.

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How to Prepare for Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder joint is exceptionally vulnerable to being injured and obtaining arthritis. When the traditional treatments do not work, or nor longer work, shoulder surgery may ensure that you regain strength and movement. Before shoulder surgery, you will need to prepare for the procedure.

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Exercises that can Affect your Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder injuries

are a cause of discomfort and pain for many people. The reasons behind shoulder injuries vary but usually are a result of loss of elasticity in joints and flexibility in the elderly or trauma in younger people.

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What You Need to Know During Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Post-surgery rehabilitation

is an important step in recovering from shoulder surgery. After undergoing surgery, there are some things one should keep in mind to make the period less stressful and more manageable. One of the things to remember is that you should not be moving the shoulder too much; too much movement of the shoulder could result in a sling.

Physical therapy is essential for one to regain their strength and range of motion on the treated shoulder. There are several stages involved in post-surgery rehabilitation and they are immobilization, passive movement of the affected arm and shoulder and active movement.

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