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Premier’s major players knew and respected each other. This sense of community reduced my anxiety and facilitated my recovery.

~ DANIEL LOOSE, West Chester PA

How to Stay Fit During Winter

Staying in shape during the winter can be challenging, especially if you’re still healing from an injury. Cold weather is known to lead to stiff and achy joints, and even the healthiest of athletes can have a hard time during the winter months.

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Do I Need Orthopaedic Urgent Care?

If you have an injury that simply can’t wait until you get an appointment later in the week, you have two choices: go to the emergency room or come to the urgent care center at Premier Orthopaedics.

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Places to Cut Christmas Trees in the Philly Suburbs

If you’d like to cut your own Christmas tree this year, you’re in luck because there are several great tree farms in the Philadelphia suburbs where you can do just that. For your convenience, your friends at Premier Orthopaedics have put together a list of our favorite farms in the area.

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Tips for Preventing Knee Pain

When it comes to knee pain, there’s nothing quite like it. It can be debilitating pain that will have you missing out on all of the fun things, from doing that event you’ve been training for to playing with your favorite tiny humans.

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What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative disc disease isn’t technically a disease but instead is a collection of symptoms caused by a damaged spinal disc. This disease typically begins to manifest as you age, but this isn’t always true. Let’s take a closer look at this fairly common disease.

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3 Tips for Relieving Joint Pain in Winter

With little scientific evidence to suggest that cold weather does actually affect joint pain, many physicians don’t have many suggestions for finding relief aside from using over-the-counter pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Scoliosis Treatment: What You Need to Know After Diagnosis

Usually diagnosed in childhood, it can be scary to learn about a scoliosis diagnosis, and you may be thinking of the worst-case scenarios you’ve heard about. Fortunately, the majority of scoliosis cases won’t need surgical treatment and will, at most, need treatment with a brace or rehabilitative therapy.

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Why Do I Need an EMG?

If your doctor instructed you to undergo an EMG, or electromyography test, you may be wondering what exactly this test is for. You may also be nervous to have an EMG done, especially when you aren’t sure what it is or why you need it.

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What You Need to Know About Recovering from Hand or Wrist Surgery

Undergoing surgery is always a little unsettling, but hand and wrist procedures are very common and allow many people to regain full range of motion once again. These procedures are sometimes necessary if you’re dealing with a severe injury that cannot be treated through non-surgical methods.

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How Does an MRI Scan Work?

If you’ve recently suffered an injury or are dealing with a condition, your doctor may have ordered that you have an MRI done to help him or her better understand the issue and determine how to treat the issue. If this is your first MRI, you may be nervous to go through the process, however it’s a standard test, similar to an x-ray.

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