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Common Foot Disorders

We use our feet much more than we realize. They help us get around and enable us to walk from one place to another. We put a lot of stress on them when exercising and performing other strenuous tasks that require them to support our body weight. For this reason, our feet are prone to many different types of injuries and disorders.

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Three Signs it’s Time to Consult a Foot and Ankle Specialist

Dealing with foot and ankle pain can be unbearable, so it’s best to seek treatment at the first sign of discomfort. However, patients sometimes mistakenly think that their problem is not severe enough for a foot and ankle specialist.

A foot and ankle specialist will be able to effectively diagnose and treat your injury, disorder, or condition in order to relieve your pain and allow you to begin living your life again.

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s time to contact a foot and ankle specialist.

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Understanding Ankle Surgery

The ankle is a very sensitive joint in the body and is easily injured. Non-surgical treatment methods could be effective in treating mild injuries, but when an ankle injury is severe, such as with a ligament tear or a fracture, surgery may be necessary.

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Non Operative Methods for Foot Injuries

When dealing with a painful foot injury or disorder, it can be incredibly difficult to perform even the simplest task, so it’s crucial to find relief as soon as possible. It’s best to explore non-surgical and non-invasive methods first. Non-surgical and non-invasive treatment methods are the easiest ways to treat your injuries.

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Common Orthopaedic Conditions of the Spine

The spine gives you the ability to stand up straight, hold up your head, shoulders, and upper body, and also the flexibility to bend and twist. When you suffer from a spinal condition, you may experience pain in all of these body parts, and daily activities can become increasingly difficult.

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Five Signs of a Spine Injury

If you’re suffering from a spine injury, it’s important to seek treatment at the first sign of pain. Your spine is one of the most important parts of the body because it allows you to stand up straight, perform all of your daily activities, and it contains the spinal cord that carries signals from the brain to other parts of the body. No matter how minor your injury or pain is, it’s crucial that you contact your doctor immediately.

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Transportation is now available for MRI & Physical Therapy patients!

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Operative Methods for Sports and Spine Injuries

If you’re dealing with the painful effects of a sports or spine injury, you understand how difficult simple tasks can become. While non-surgical methods can help relieve pain, they may not be able to actually treat the injury. If non-surgical methods haven’t improved your condition or reduced your pain, it may be time to consider a surgical procedure.

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Physical Therapy and Daily Exercise for Sports and Spine Injuries

If you’re dealing with a painful sports or spine injury, consider treating the injury with physical therapy and daily exercise. These methods use your own body to perform stretches and repetitive motions in order to reduce pain.

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