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Preparing for Back Surgery

Sometimes, back surgery is the only option left to help return you to your normal life. Fortunately, back surgery is a very common procedure these days and is used to improve the lives of countless people by relieving their pain for good. Although this procedure is straightforward and typically successful, it’s completely normal to be apprehensive just as you would with any type of surgery.

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The Importance of Hydration

You know that staying hydrated is important, but you may not understand just how crucial water is to your body. Water plays an important role in your body, making it a critical nutrient to consume so your body functions properly.

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Who is Most at Risk for Back Pain?

Standing, walking, bending, and twisting are just a few of the movements you rely on your back to perform a countless number of times each day. Dealing with even the slightest back pain can be especially frustrating when it disrupts your normal routine. While back pain is one of the most common issues people deal with today, some people are at greater risk than others.

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5 Common Causes of Hip Pain

As one of the largest weight-bearing joints in the body, it’s common to experience pain in your hip. Your hip allows you perform many motions, such as walking, sitting, and bending. However, pain in the hip can make these basic motions nearly impossible.

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Everyday Habits that Cause Back Pain

Your back is used for everything from the slightest movement, bend, or twist, to keeping your body standing upright. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of responsibility on the back that can lead to wear and tear over the years. There are also specific movements that can cause back pain and disrupt your daily routine and evening sleep.

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Non-Operative Treatments for Hip Pain

When you’re dealing with hip pain, you know how much it affects your daily life. Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint held together with ligaments and surrounded by muscles. Whether you’re experiencing a torn ligament, a fractured bone, or inflammation caused by arthritis, the pain in your hip joint hinders your ability to walk, turn, and bend.

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Five Ways to Relieve Daily Hip Pain

Whether you’re experiencing hip pain from osteoarthritis or a different condition, you know how difficult it can be to complete everyday tasks. The joint inflammation and swelling can hinder your movements when you walk, bend, and turn.

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Five Hip Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening your hips can help to relieve any hip pain you may be experiencing while also building up muscle to prevent future injuries from occurring. Workouts for your hips can help to improve your flexibility as well as your range of motion.

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How to Properly Fit Protective Gear for Concussion Prevention

Athletes are typically taught from a young age the importance of wearing protective gear during high-impact sports and other rigorous physical activity. This protective gear is meant to prevent broken bones and other injuries from occurring, as well as to reduce the risk of receiving a concussion.

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Common Concussion Myths and Misconceptions

Concussions are common among athletes and those who participate in rigorous physical activity. They also occur frequently when people experience motor vehicle accidents. While concussion symptoms can be easy to identify, it’s often difficult for physicians to diagnose the actual concussion. For this reason, there are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to this type of brain injury.

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