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Premier’s major players knew and respected each other. This sense of community reduced my anxiety and facilitated my recovery.

~ DANIEL LOOSE, West Chester PA

How much water should your kids drink during a hot day outside?

This summer heat wave has no end in sight, but no one wants to be stuck inside in the air conditioning the entire time. When your kids need to blow off some steam, it can be easy for them to overdo it with the heat and humidity. Most of us know how to keep ourselves hydrated in high temperatures, but what about your little ones who sometimes need some extra guidance? Making sure they get enough water can ensure an easier day outside for everyone during the hot summer months.

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Sports Injury Prevention for Baby Boomers

Until a fountain of youth is discovered, we?ll have to find other methods of slowing down the aging process. One of the most effective ways is through regular exercise. Here are some helpful tips on participating in physical activities in a safe manner:

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Unexpected Health Benefits of Gardening

For many people, springtime means planning the yearly garden. Over the span of the summer, various fruits and vegetables fill the countertops and pantry shelves, offering delicious and healthy alternatives to store-bought snacks and junk food. But the nutritional value is not the only benefit in growing your own fruits and vegetables. Obviously, gardening is a great way to get your family away from the screens, and outside in the fresh air, but what about other benefits that are not as obvious?

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Flip-Flops – Good or bad for feet?

Flip flops used to be a drugstore dollar bin buy—what you wore for an afternoon at the pool or a trip to the beach, but not anymore. For many Americans, these summertime staples have become the preferred footwear for warmer months, thanks to their convenience and ‘footloose’ feeling.

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