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Premier’s major players knew and respected each other. This sense of community reduced my anxiety and facilitated my recovery.

~ DANIEL LOOSE, West Chester PA

Athlete’s Guide to Shoulder Surgery

In the competitive world of amateur and professional sports, winning or losing is literally determined in a matter of split seconds. Boxers thus push themselves harder so they can punch harder and faster; racquet game players train for speed and power too; weightlifters want to be stronger and fitter? and the list goes on.

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Good and Bad Exercise Machines After Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery can be performed for a number of reasons, either as a preventative or a repair of an existing injury. It is tempting to believe that once you have been pain-free for a while, you can return to your normal gym exercise routine. With that being said, you should be aware of what you can do and what will simply re-introduce or worsen your injury.

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Acupuncture for Sports Injury

Whether you’re a beginner athlete or you’ve been in the game for years, acupuncture can be a beneficial method for reducing the pain of injuries and improving your overall performance. This procedure is becoming more popular among runners and athletes for its fast-acting and effective pain relief. Acupuncture can be used to treat injuries to the neck and shoulders down to the knees and ankles.

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At Home Physical Therapy for a Sports Injury

Physical therapy

is a way to treat your sports injury by strengthening the muscle and increasing its flexibility using repetitive exercises. This method will relieve your pain and increase your mobility without surgery.

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Diet Before Shoulder Surgery

Getting ready for any major surgery involves some worry and the need to make some advanced preparations. One of the biggest preparations includes adjusting your diet. The right diet before surgery can make your recovery easier.

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Types of Spine Surgery

Deciding to have back surgery is a big decision and it is often a last resort for those who have suffered from pain or injury and have found relief nowhere else. Additionally, many people do not understand the ins and outs of the surgery procedures and do not know what to expect or what they are getting into with surgery. Learning about back surgery before it is time to take that step and knowing its risks and benefits can help you make an informed decision that works best for you and your unique situation and needs. The most important thing is to understand advantages and disadvantages that back surgery can bring.

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Home Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain can occur for many reasons and can range from mild to severe. Mild, short term back pain may be caused by a cramped muscle, poor posture, sleep disturbances or stress.

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Safe Exercises to Preserve your Back

When an individual has severe back pain, it can put their entire life on hold. The back provides the other parts of the body with strength and stability. However, that doesn’t mean that having back pain means sitting back and taking it easy. Even though exercise is often the last thing on the list of priorities when pain is present, there are safe exercises that can be done not only preserve the back, but that can also strengthen it and heal it in the process.

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The Risks of Non-Surgical Spine Treatment

Being diagnosed with a spinal cord injury is considered a serious case as it can result in loss of movement and later paralysis. Major spinal cord injuries are caused by car accidents, diving accidents or sports accidents where one may land on the head causing a spinal injury. The other common cause of a spinal injury is aging. This is where the lumbar discs wear out causing some form of herniations that later result inback pains. The middle part of the body may also twist when one is aged and this leads to a spinal cord defect.

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What Does Spine Surgery Correct?

The human spinal column is as amazing as it is important. Nearly 30 bones, 23 discs, more than 120 muscles, 220 ligaments and more than 100 joints, working together to support the entire body, allow for movement and flexibility, and protect critical nerves.

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