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Premier’s major players knew and respected each other. This sense of community reduced my anxiety and facilitated my recovery.

~ DANIEL LOOSE, West Chester PA

Combating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the Office

Sitting down for around eight hours per day, five days a week isn’t that good for us, and yet that’s what the average office worker does.  Factor in the fact that the vast majority of that time is spent working on a computer, and the risk of musculoskeletal problems increases, especially as “how to sit down safely” isn’t helped by the average work station.  Ideally, Mr. or Ms. Average Office Worker would then go home and do something completely unrelated, but there’s a good chance they’ll sit down at a computer or games console at home, still carrying out repetitive hand movements, and probably at a considerably less ergonomically designed desk than their workspace.

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Top 5 Steps to Free Joint Pain

Joint pain is among the top concerns within the health community, and for good reason. Half of Americans over the age of 65 suffer with joint pain and symptoms of arthritis. This is over 70 million people, which is more than the entire population of the United Kingdom. Taking preventative action to remedy any pain within the joints and bones is critical: even making choices today if you are suffering will alleviate your symptoms dramatically. Medications do not heal and resolve the issue, and physical therapy becomes a reliance. Did you know that certain foods contain vitamins and minerals that actively promote healthy joints and bones? It really is as easy as spotting the right choices to make when shopping at the grocery store or dining out for a meal with family and friends.

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