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~ DANIEL LOOSE, West Chester PA

Rebuilding And Regenerating Damaged Knees: The Future Has Arrived!

If you grew up in the 1970s, you may remember the Six Million Dollar Man TV show with Steve Austin. The show began with a futuristic-type regeneration of an injured Steve Austin, and they would say, “we have the technology, we can rebuild him.” It was a great one-liner, but seem so far-fetched. Fast forward 30 years, or just one generation. The future is now. We have the technology!

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Understanding Arthroscopic Surgery


Just think about being able to peek directly into your injured joint through a little telescope and not only seeing what is wrong, but also being able to fix it! This is no futuristic dream: It’s what is being done today with arthroscopic surgery, one of the most common surgical procedures being performed in our nation. The arthroscope has revolutionized the field of orthopedic surgery, especially the care of sports and recreational injuries. Many of these injuries include the joints, or moving articulations, of the body such as the knee and shoulder. The arthroscope is a small surgical tool that allows direct visualization of the interior of the joint, and in many cases, the repair of damaged or injured areas through tiny incisions.

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Tips for Preventing Knee Pain

When it comes to knee pain, there’s nothing quite like it. It can be debilitating pain that will have you missing out on all of the fun things, from doing that event you’ve been training for to playing with your favorite tiny humans.

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The most important questions to ask your knee replacement surgeon

You should never make the decision to proceed with any medical procedure lightly, and the decision to proceed with knee replacement surgery is no different. There are over 700,000 total knee replacement surgeries performed in the U.S. every year. Even though it is such a common procedure, every surgery carries certain risks. If you or a loved one will be having knee replacement surgery, you probably have many questions and concerns. Be certain to address these concerns with your physician before the procedure is scheduled. Remember, you are not just asking questions to get information, you are evaluating your physician’s personality and customer service skills.

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All about the knees: common causes of knee problems and how to keep your knees healthy

Knee problems are common, and they may affect people of any age. If you or a loved one has knee problems, you understand how quickly they can put you on the sidelines of life. Whether brought on by injury, overuse, or disease, even minor knee problems can severely limit your activities. Keeping your knees healthy and functioning correctly will go a long way towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle – especially as you age. In this article, we will discuss what causes knee problems and how to keep your knees healthy. As we stated earlier, there are three typical causes of knee problems:

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Partial knee replacement versus total knee replacement: Which is right for you?

Knee problems may be the result of injury, overuse, or disease. Whatever the cause, knee problems can make it difficult or impossible for you or a loved one to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. In patients with severe knee problems, a total knee replacement may be the best hope for recovery. For some patients, a partial knee replacement may be a better option.

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Five tips to finding the best surgeon for your knee surgery

Each year, surgeons perform about 700,000 knee replacement surgeries in the United States. Knee replacement has become so common it’s now considered routine. Though it may be common, knee replacement surgery is still a serious medical procedure. If things go wrong, you could be left with a lifelong disability or serious health challenges. In the worst-case scenario, you could even lose your life. Knee replacement is also a costly procedure that can total more than $50,000 when the costs of the procedure, hospital stay, and rehabilitative care are all added up. Most people have health insurance that will pay at least some of the bill, but as the patient, you still have the responsibility to seek out the best medical care.

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