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Educational guides

Premier is dedicated to providing complete orthopaedic care and educating patients on important orthopaedic decisions.From symptoms to surgery to rehabilitation, our physicians provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best, most informed decision possible for yourself or a loved one.

Download one of our free guides and start learning how you can get back to a healthier you.

Your How-to Guide to Choosing an Orthopaedic Surgeon

When facing orthopaedic surgery, it is critical to find the right surgeon for the procedure. In this free guide, we’ll provide you with the vital information you’ll need to determine which surgeon is right for you and your particular needs.


Your Guide to Total Hip Replacement Surgery

If medications, injections and assistive devices have failed to alleviate hip pain, total replacement surgery may be right for you. In this free guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about total hip replacement surgery.


360 Degrees Of Knee Replacement Surgery

Debilitating knee pain can impact all aspects of life. For many, joint replacement surgery has offered long-term relief. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of knee replacement surgery and recovery.


The Patient’s Manual to Spine and Back Surgery

From headaches to fatigue, spine pain can affect the entire body—making day-to-day activities difficult. In this guide, we’ll cover the causes, surgical and non-surgical treatment options, and the best way to find the right doctor for you.


Pre-Operative Guide to Shoulder Surgery

For those suffering from shoulder pain and discomfort, even simple tasks can become excruciatingly difficult. In this educational guide, you’ll learn the causes, surgical options, as well as what to expect from shoulder surgery and recovery.


Athlete’s Guide to Reaching Peak Sports Performance and Preventing Injury

Participating in sports and regular exercise, while both healthy, can put the body through stress. This educational guide will provide you with a better understanding of sports injuries, surgical/non-surgical treatments and performance enhancement.


Non-Operative Treatment Guide For Sports & Spine Injuries

Recovery from a sports- or spine-related injury doesn’t always require undergoing a surgical procedure. In this guide, you’ll learn about the many non-operative treatment options capable of providing pain relief without invasive measures.


Pains & Sprains: A Complete Guide to Foot Injuries and Disorders

Beyond being a constant nuisance, persistent foot pain may also be an indicator of the presence of an injury or disorder. This guide will explain to you the different treatment methods available to alleviate discomfort and maintain healthy feet and ankles.


The Patient’s Guide to Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand and wrist pain that doesn’t go away may be a sign that something more serious, like an injury or disorder, is the cause. In this guide, we’ll provide you with detailed information on common injuries, treatment options and long-term care.


The Patient’s Manual to Joint Replacement

Easy, everyday things that most of us normally take for granted, can pose quite a challenge to those suffering from joint pain. This guide will explain the common causes and symptoms of joint discomfort, and whether joint replacement can benefit you.


The Athlete’s Guide to Concussion Management

Concussions are serious and should be addressed immediately. But determining you even have a concussion, and what to do to care for it once you do, can be daunting. This guide provides key information on concussion prevention, symptoms and diagnosis.


Understanding Fracture Care: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Although fractures usually heal within several weeks to months, it’s important that you receive the appropriate care to make a full recovery. This guide will offer you insight into the causes/types of fractures, diagnostic testing and treatment options.


The Patient’s Guide to Non-Operative Care and Rehabilitation

Many orthopaedic injuries and conditions can be addressed without a surgical procedure. In this educational guide, you’ll learn what non-operative care and rehabilitation options are available, as well as the types of injuries and disorders they can treat.



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