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Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients are Saying

At Premier Orthopaedics, we’re dedicated to providing complete, high-quality orthopaedic care to our patients. It’s our mission to provide comprehensive treatment programs that help patients recover so they can get back to living their lives. Below, some of our patients share their stories of treatment and recovery with Premier.

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I started physical therapy for pain and tingling in my arm and fingers in August 2019. Physical therapy helped, and after a few weeks I was able to stop going and continue with the exercises I learned on my own. Unfortunately, the pain and tingling returned and intensified in November 2019, so I went to see a spine specialist with Premier Orthopedics. This physician indicated that I had spinal compression and sent me for an MRI, and upon review of the results, he suggested I consult with Dr. Kenan Aksu – a surgeon! – as soon as possible.

This was completely unexpected, and I was concerned that surgery might be my only option to alleviate the constant pain and tingling I was experiencing. During my initial consult with Dr. Aksu and his Physician Assistant Brian Perry, they reviewed the MRI with me, discussed what was happening with the spinal compression in my neck, and very simply explained the surgical procedure that would “fix” me. They took time to answer my many questions, and it was clear to me that Dr. Aksu had performed this procedure many times before, which really helped me get comfortable with surgery as a solution. 

The next step was to schedule the procedure, and Dr Aksu’s team absolutely went the extra mile to fit my surgery in as soon as possible. They knew I was in constant pain and discomfort and did their very best to get me scheduled before Christmas. Marie Lopez was particularly helpful interacting with the insurance company for my required precertification, as well as answering every one of my questions.

I could not be happier with the results of my surgery – the pain and tingling in my arm was gone immediately. I trusted Dr. Aksu and his post-surgery process to get well again, and my recovery has been much easier than I expected. I am working out at the gym, walking my dogs, working full time, and I have my energy back. I would recommend Dr. Aksu without hesitation.

Sheila H.
Bryn Mawr, PA

They got me in for a running injury two days after my call. No delay in seeing Dr. Donnelly, which is always nice. She was very knowledgeable and helped me understand how to train smarter. If you don’t want to take your foot off the gas I highly recommend going to Premier.

Mike T.
Wayne, PA

Dr. Donnelly is an exceptional doctor in several ways. Firstly she takes the time to be sincerely interested in her patients. There is no stone left unturned diagnostically. She allows her patients to ask questions and actually makes sure that there are satisfied with her answers and may or may not have more. Secondly Dr. Donnelly presents many alternatives for her patients in their choice for the path they would like for their treatment. This is quite remarkable and also empowers the patient so they are satisfied at the end of the day. It is obvious that I highly recommend Dr. Donnelly.

Laura M.
Devon, PA

Dr. Kazanjian is a great doctor. When I first met with him after 9 months of seeing different doctors for my upper arm pain, he told me that if I had a legitimate problem, he would find it. He was the first doctor to treat my pain as real, and not just a problem stemming from my neck or back. He was able to diagnose what my injury was, and I ended up having surgery to repair a tear in my subscapular and bicep tendon. He was straightforward and direct with me and did not sugarcoat any part of my surgery or recovery time. He saw more than just my injury, he saw me as a person. He did an excellent job on my surgery. I’m 4.5 months post-op and I now have almost complete range of motion in my shoulder. I no longer have the debilitating pain prior to surgery and I would highly recommend Dr. Kazanjian be your first consideration for any arm or shoulder injuries.

-Donna Brown

Everyone was very courteous and Dr. Mansmann was very nice! No wait time, either. I can now walk without pain!

Linda Boyles

Dr. Mansmann was up front and honest with me from the beginning. He did an excellent job on my bilateral knee replacements. In one week, it will be 6 months since surgery and Im up and around and back at work. The operation went very well and I was very impressed with how insignificant the scarring turned out. I would recommend Dr. Mansmann to anyone.

Ronald Redden

Dr. Scollon-Grieve: my appreciation for your care and help in getting me back to normal (or at least as close to it as I can hope) is hard to put into words… the fact that I’ve been able to play soccer twice in the last couple weeks as well as run, hike, and go on bike rides with my wife and son has given me a new appreciation for all those experiences (as cliché as that might sound, it is true). I know my wife would express the same gratitude. “Thank you” really isn’t enough (… but it’s all we have!).

Brian Z.

I am a 50-year-old man with severe arthritis in my right hip and moderate arthritis in my left knee. Working as a mechanic was very difficult for me and several doctors told me that I need a hip and knee replacement. I wanted to try something else, so I went to Dr. Kelly Scollon-Grieve at Premier Orthopaedics in Havertown. I have been getting ultrasound-guided cortisone shots, which have given me great relief for my hip pain and I wanted to try bone marrow stem cell injections for my knee. After going to two different seminars given by other practices and realizing that they wanted to charge over $10,000, I had the procedure done for me knee by Dr. Scollon-Grieve for a very reasonable fee. The procedure was not painful and I am at least 80% improved. I am able to stand longer, continue working long hours and bowl three nights a week, without any problems. I plan to get the procedure done for my hip this year. I would definitely recommend the procedure! *

Damon H.

I can’t express enough how important it was for me to choose – not just Dr. Trevlyn, but his entire office staff and all his team.  Especially Mike and Andrew, these guys are being trained by the BEST and it shows.  Dr. Trevlyns’ Office was quick and efficient in processing paperwork for my short-term disability and employer.  They are also very friendly and compassionate.  I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Trevlyn and Premier Orthopedics. *

Dennis Crowley

I had very positive results from the bone marrow procedure with Dr. Kelly Scollon-Grieve. Initially I felt a bit worse. After 2 weeks I felt considerably better and with each day I see improvement with less discomfort. The procedure itself seemed scary, but it was rather painless. I felt pressure when they were removing the bone marrow from my spine, but no pain. I had no pain in my back after the procedure. It felt like a bruise – just a little sensitive to the touch, but that didn’t last long. The whole office visit was only 1 hour and I was able to drive myself home. I would recommend this procedure for anyone who wants to avoid surgery. *

Nancy M.

PRP turned out to be magical for me. *

Randy Pritzker

I had LipogemsTM (fat stem cell procedure) with Dr. Kelly Scollon-Grieve for my moderate left knee arthritis and meniscal tears that did not improve with other treatments including cortisone shots, Euflexxa injections, physical therapy and arthroscopic surgery.  The in-office procedure was short and easily tolerated.  I felt significant improvement within 2 weeks and am back to my usual exercise and active lifestyle after suffering with this pain for a year and a half.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to avoid surgery. *

Julie Rogers

My family has been going to this practice for nearly 6 years. They were the only ones that would see my daughter as a pediatric patient for her back. They were great! Dr. Guille was great! He took care if her, but we found that it wasn’t spine issue and it was a rare condition of the skin, so he recommended us to another dr. who was able to diagnosis it and treat it. My son has seen dr. Guille for his knee pain and a torn mcl. He has been great with him. He usually asks how the kids are doing whenever we see him!
Then I ended up with knee pain. Dr. Lipton is a truly caring doctor as well. He encouraged me and gave us all the information about bilateral knee replacement which is what I eventually had. And we can’t forget the office staff! They are amazing. Thank you for your compassion!*

Bethany Waltemyer

I am a long distance runner and I injured my foot while doing a workout. I saw a podiatrist near my hometown who diagnosed me with a stress fracture. Five months without running and four months in an orthopedic boot and the pain had worsened and I had experienced a greater loss of function. A friend told me of Dr. Jason Miller’s knowledge in podiatry. I was correctly diagnosed with a plantar plate tear by Dr. Jason Miller and the time from proper diagnosis to surgery was only four weeks and I successfully completed a marathon one year later. Dr. Jason Miller is very knowledgeable and I am grateful for his willingness to look beyond the usual stress fracture diagnosis for a runner.*

Helene Usher

During a trail ½ marathon on Memorial Day weekend, I suffered a hairline fracture in my ankle bone. My summer plans included completing the Appalachian Trail in early July and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in late July. Dr. Zabat listened to my concerns and respected my opinion and knowledge of my own healing process. Treating me as he would any athlete, he got me into PT as soon as the boot came off and encouraged me to reach my goals. I did and also completed the Rock ‘n roll ½ marathon in September. Thanks to all of you who participated in my healing and who believe that age is no barrier to adventure.*

Ingrid Cantarella-Fox

I was very impressed with Dr Zabat and all the office staff. Everyone was friendly, compassionate, efficient and most competent. I am a RN and being on the other side of the bed is very challenging, but Dr. Zabat and the staff made the experience very tolerable. I have already recommended you to others. Thank you!*

– Michelle Ferguson

In August 2015, I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Cheston Simmons at Premier. At every step in the process, I felt I was receiving thorough, professional, and well-coordinated care. Premier’s major players knew and respected each other. This sense of community reduced my anxiety and facilitated my recovery. I would strongly recommend the services at Premier Physical Therapy as well. As I listen to other patients accounts of recovery from joint replacement surgery, I am very glad that I was a part of the Premier network of skilled professionals.*

– Daniel Loose | West Chester, PA

I am so pleased to be a patient of Dr. Eric Lake!  Due to poor vision, I have had many bad falls, usually landing on the left knee joint. For about 4 years I have been seeing an orthopaedic surgeon who has given me cortisone shots and talked about Synvisc, but frequently told me I was headed for total knee replacement. Thank heavens my primary doctor knew of Dr. Eric Lake and referred me to Premier Orthopaedics! Dr. Lake is very knowledgeable and has true concern for the patient. His goal for me is to develop knee muscle around the joint, and put off surgery as long as we can! I recommend Dr. Lake to the point that I carry around his business cards and offer them to people I chat with!*

– Carolyn Habbersett

My first experience with physical therapy at another facility was not very good. From the very first a day at Premier Physical Therapy in Exton, I was worked on continuously and received progressive exercises. I did ask questions and received good answers. I feel confident about continuing my exercises at home. Everyone at the clinic was great, they formed a great team with optimistic attitudes.*

– Jean Follis

Jason and the rest of the staff at Premier Physical Therapy in Phoenixville are truly worth their weight in gold. I can’t thank them enough for their patience, skill, expertise and friendly demeanor. It is clear that they love what they do and that the well-being of the patient is foremost in their mind. While I hope I do not ever have such a fall again, if I did, I’d return to Premier Physical Therapy without hesitation. They are the best!!*

– Heather Schelhorn

I started experiencing an all too familiar pain, along with swelling, in my left knee and kept putting off treatment for fear of needing surgery. I had previously had a surgical repair to the meniscus, years ago, and did not want another. Finally, it got to the point where I could no longer deal with the pain and made an appointment with Dr. Raab. After I met with him, and tests were run, my fears were put to rest. My diagnosis, osteoarthritis. Dr. Raab suggested a non-surgical, non-steroidal course of treatment that will enable me to start exercising again, without pain, something that has not happened in over a year. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement!*

– Laurie Legner

Dr. Ciliberti performed a ligament reconstruction on my ankle, and within 9 months I was able to complete my second IRONMAN in Lake Placid. I have been very athletic throughout my life. After tearing the ligaments in my ankle I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to continue running. I scheduled an appointment with him to examine my ankle and review my options. Dr. Ciliberti was aware of my training and my goal to complete another Iron Man and he was very understanding and supportive through the entire process. Dr. Ciliberti fixed my ankle and gave me back my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Ciliberti and Premier.*

– Claudia Heim

The care I received at Premier was excellent. After the surgery, I was three days back on the rolling pin in Sweet Beginnings Bakery. Premier was everything I expected—friends and family couldn’t believe that I went back to work as quick as I did. I loved my experience with Premier from the beginning to the end.*

– Robert Reese

Yes, I can fracture a humerus (although I still fail to see what was funny about it) in February and complete a half-IRONMAN in July. Oh, I raced the Philly Olympic tri in June, too. But wait, there’s more! I finished in 6:22:42, 12 minutes ahead of my previous PR set last year at the same half, including a swim that was 4 minutes faster. But most of all, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!*

– Ed Elrod

As a business man for the past 65 years, it is customary for me to comment on services and experiences with other business. Last Friday completed my 12-week rehab program at the Brinton Lake facility. The experience was unusual compared with other rehab facilities I attended. As I told Dr. Adrienne Towsen last week, the Brinton Lake facility was the finest I ever attended. It was totally business as well as a well-organized staff can be. No fooling around, all business. My therapist Zachary Mitchell has all of the staff well trained and running efficiently. You should be proud of that office.*

-Brad Stanton

I went and visited with Dr. Yucha and I felt very comfortable as he is very knowledgeable about the whole process. My experience at Premier went so well that I referred a friend to Dr. Yucha and Premier. He has the same injury as I had, and I am confident he will have the same treatment and be just as pleased as I was.*

– Benjamin Jordan

I have a 7-year-old daughter Dylan. She has been on the Lower Merion Soccer Club U8 team since she turned 6. Last September, she blocked a ball in goal and her wrist bent back. We took her to our pediatrician, who sent her to Dr. Curt Miller. She had a buckle fracture in her wrist and Dr. Miller was great with her. She was casted and everything turned out fine. Unfortunately, it happened again last Sunday as she was playing goalie with the U9 team at YSC Sports. We decided to come back to Premier because you guys were so great. My wife took Dylan to see Dr. Mark Brigham the next day and he was amazing. Four weeks in a cast and she’ll be back on the field. No more goalie though. She’s too little and too fast to be playing goalie!

In sum, Premier is AMAZING. It can be frightening for a 7-year-old going through a broken bone and being casted, and Premier made her feel so comfortable!*

– The Steinbergs

I had an unfortunate foot accident and I limped into your Urgent office in Media. I must comment on the very expedient and thorough care that I received from your office and staff. Although I did receive bad news that I had a fracture, the blow could not have been more softened and attended to by your group. From the front office woman who took my walk-in, to the prompt service upstairs at Medical Imaging, then back to your office for follow up and care by Dr. Stellabotte and his team, I walked out with great aftercare instructions and a boot on my foot. AND, the day after, I received a phone call from the woman who first took me in as a follow up. In this world of crazy and sometimes fast health care, Premier Urgent Care and their staff erased any misconceptions anyone may have with the caring and quality of their care. Thank you so much.*

– Jeff Campbell

One of the reasons I chose Premier was because I felt that a big city hospital was going to be almost a place where they are doing the same surgeries over and over again. I wanted personalized care and I felt that is what I got from Dr. Garino…  There is no question that I would recommend family and friends to Premier Orthopaedics. I had a great experience.*

– Judith Sachs

I came to Premier for the first time not knowing what to expect. I was in considerable pain and had very little hope that anything would lessen my pain and restore me to a healthy level of activity. But I am very happy to stay that Jaimie Colonna changed all that! I am pain free and moving with a full range of motion thanks to her assistance in Physical Therapy. I cannot thank her enough nor adequately compliment your entire staff for the service they provided. I would highly recommend Premier to my friends and family members.*

– John Lydon

From surgery through rehabilitation, Premier Orthopaedics was with me every step of the way.*

– Kyla Possinger

Dr. Louis Ciliberti of Premier Orthopaedics was highly recommended when I severely fractured both of my heels in a skiing accident earlier this year. Although the extent of my injuries was severe, Dr. Ciliberti used a minimally invasive procedure that led to a remarkable recovery. Within months, I progressed from a wheelchair to being active again. Here’s one of my new favorite pictures: My son cheering me toward the finish line at a triathlon in month 5 of my recovery. It’s been nine months now and I’ve since competed in several sprint and Olympic-distance triathlons, a half-marathon and trail races. I’m very grateful and happy to say that my recovery was a direct result of Dr. Ciliberti’s skillful hands.*

– Ryan A.

Before I had my hip surgery, I could barely walk down the steps. Six weeks after surgery, I’m back to riding my horses again.*

– Patti Pizzo

After I my car accident, I was in pretty bad shape, with a Lisfranc fracture and overwhelming pain. I was introduced to Dr. Louis Ciliberti from Premier Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine. Dr. Ciliberti reassured me that he would take very good care of me. What a true blessing, he kept his word. I received excellent treatment and attention from his entire staff and the Premier Physical Therapy facility in Exton. THESE GUYS ARE THE BOMB!*

– Tresa Washington

I was experiencing some shoulder pain, it was getting to the point where I couldn’t throw the ball with my grandson, I couldn’t throw the stick with the dog, it was affecting my quality of life. I knew I didn’t want to live the rest of my life this way. I wanted something that was convenient, it was a no brainer as far as making a decision…   One of the greatest things about working with Premier is the way that the people do care for you.*

– Steve Pinkston

I had a total left knee replacement in July. After home therapy ended, I was given a list of various therapists. It was the smartest decision I ever made when I chose Premier Physical Therapy in Media. I owe my recovery to Jenna and her staff. Never too busy to answer questions or concerns—always kind and respectful!*

– Catherine Muldoon

We felt like we were family when we went initially… We knew this was a great place to go and it’s very convenient to get to the hospital, physical therapy, and the orthopaedic doctors. Any other parent, if they have an injury, I will recommend Premier Orthopaedics, I felt very comfortable.*

– The Tinson Family

Having been a patient of Premier’s for the past several years, my various medical conditions have caused me to visit several of Premier’s facilities. I’ve been to Urgent Care in Media, Premier Physical Therapy in Media, and Premier Sports & Spine Rehab in Havertown. Currently I’m being treated by Dr. Eric Lake at Premier’s Havertown facility. The treatment I’ve received from Dr. Lake and his team has dramatically improved the quality of my life.*

– Phil A.

I started having problems with stiffness and lack of mobility in my right hip a couple years ago… 4 or 5 hours after surgery they had me up and walking… there were no limitations… I found Premier to be very convenient from a location standpoint… I would definitely recommend Premier, my experience was really very comfortable.*

– Bill Lee

I was very much in need of a program to strengthen my legs and knees. Fortunately, I chose to go to Premier for my physical therapy. I received excellent treatment from everyone there. They were knowledgeable and very attentive. The workouts helped me greatly. Appointments were easily and conveniently obtained. I am completely satisfied.*

– Sadie A. Thorp

Premier Orthopaedics’ personalized care and attention to detail put me on the right path, so I could be the best recovery case that I could be.*

– Jamie Loper

I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent treatment I received from Stephanie, one of the therapists at the Brinton Lake facility. I was not confident when beginning physical therapy for a back injury, and was not convinced that the therapy would work. However, Stephanie made me feel very comfortable when I went in for the first evaluation. She was patient, calm and very professional. After about a month, I feel back to normal, and I credit Stephanie for my success.*

– Susan Miller

When I went to Premier, Dr. Levenberg greeted me. He was wonderful, he explained everything in detail. They found in the CAT scan that I had fractured another vertebrae. The day of surgery he came in before, explained that I was going to be all right. He just relieved me of all of my anxiety. It was a wonderful experience, I never suffered a bit of pain.*

– Marcia C.

I worked at Chester County Hospital for 20 years and have known some of the men and women that are now part of Premier Orthopaedics for over 30 years. Not only have I seen results through patients, I have had five surgeries with Premier. These men and women are caring, compassionate and professional. I feel that I could recommend them to anyone. They have an outstanding staff that makes you feel so comfortable that you feel as though you are among friends. Premier Orthopaedics is one of the best groups around, if not the best.*

– Maria Rea

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