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Athletes Advantage Program

Each Athlete has unique needs—that’s why Premier designed a one-on-one program to enhance individual athletic performance.

Our Expert Physical Therapy Staff will:

1.Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the athlete’s strength, flexibility, movement quality and current training  regimen.

2.Develop a customized performance enhancement and injury prevention plan, addressing:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Movement quality
  • Training program
  • Recovery

One-on-one follow up sessions are then scheduled according to the individual’s needs. You may choose ongoing training or periodic “tune up” visits.

What makes Premier Athlete’s Advantage different from other programs:

  • Premier Athlete’s Advantage meets the needs of all athletes—field, court, artistic, endurance…as a customized program, everyone can benefit
  • Individualized services
  • Customized, flexible scheduling
  • Licensed professional staff
  • National level leadership

To schedule with one of our specially trained therapists call the physical therapy location nearest you.

“The care I received at Premier was excellent. After the surgery, I was quickly back on the rolling pin in Sweet Beginnings Bakery. Premier was everything I expected – friends and family couldn’t believe that I went back to work as quick as I did. I loved my experience with Premier from the beginning to the end.”


Apointments within 24 hours

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