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Physical Therapy

At Premier, we recognize that every person’s injury is unique. That’s why our physical therapists work with each patient to establish a rehabilitation plan to meet their particular needs.

Our physical therapy sites are professionally managed and operated by experienced, licensed physical therapists—many of which hold numerous advanced degrees, board certifications, and have received specialized training in their areas of expertise.

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Physical Therapy Programs

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE): Comprehensive evaluation measuring strength, endurance, physical demand work level and positional tolerance.

Work Hardening Program: Individualized program that uses a goal-oriented structure to return employees to work.

Athlete’s Advantage Program: Personally customized wellness and sports injury prevention program for athletes of all ages designed to maximize the strength, flexibility, and movement quality of each individual patient.

Work Conditioning Program: Programs designed to restore musculoskeletal function including strength, power, endurance, joint mobility, and functional abilities to match the demands of work.

Ergonomic Assessments & Onsite Training: Ergonomic programs are used to identify the physical demands and risk factors that may exist in the work environment.

Physical Therapy Specialties

Active Release Technique (ART): Innovative manual technique for diagnosing and treating soft-tissue injuries in muscle, fascia and peripheral nerves.

Aquatic Physical Therapy: Uses water’s natural therapeutic properties to reduce stress on weight-bearing joints, which helps increase strength, mobility and flexibility, while allowing for an earlier return to functional exercise and minimizing the risk of re-injury.

Certified Hand Therapy (CHT): Specialized care focusing on the reduction of swelling, promotion of wound healing and gradually improved movement in hands, wrists, elbows and/or upper extremities affected by chronic condition or injury.

Graston Technique®: Process of mobilization utilizing specially designed stainless steel instruments to break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions in areas that are exhibiting acute or chronic soft tissue injury.

McKenzie Certified Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT): Philosophy promoting active patient involvement to effectively reach an accurate mechanical diagnosis and develop a plan of care for back, neck, and extremity injuries and conditions.

Vestibular/Concussion Rehabilitation: Rehab concentrated on dizziness and balance/stability issues resulting from conditions such as vertigo, imbalance and motion sensitivity.


“The care I received at Premier was excellent. After the surgery, I was quickly back on the rolling pin in Sweet Beginnings Bakery. Premier was everything I expected – friends and family couldn’t believe that I went back to work as quick as I did. I loved my experience with Premier from the beginning to the end.”


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